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Find A Buyer or TenantDo you want to find someone to lease, rent to own or purchase your home? See our Home Wanted listings by state. These are free real estate referrals received from buyers and renters looking for a home to either buy, lease or rent to own. You can directly contact the buyer/tenant without registering or signing up.

List Your HomeDo you want to list your home? JSC accepts FSBO (for sale by owner) as well as realtor listings. Tell us (and others) about your property. It can be for sale, for lease or rent to own. You can start by listing your home today. It's free and no registration or sign up is required.



Find A HomeTo see what's available in your area, check out Homes Available Listings. You will find homes for sale, for lease and rent to own. We show both for sale by owner (FSBO) and realtor listed homes. Directly contact the owner without signing up or registering. Get links to other pertinent real estate websites.

List Your NeedsCan't find the right home? Let sellers find you! Create your Homes Wanted Listing Request today. These are similar to classified listings, and they are free. Your requirements will become a free home wanted listing, and it will be made available to all people who have a home for sale or lease in your area of interest. You don't even have to sign up or register.


About this website

JSC Rent To Own Homes is a totally open and free real estate directory that is available to everyone. People may list multiple home wanted listings and/or multiple property available listings. While we concentrate on the rent to own niche of the real estate market, listings may be placed for purchase only and/or rent only. The only restriction we have is that this real estate directory is limited to the United States. When we say "totally open and free real estate directory" we mean it. Unlike other websites, JSC does not even require any registration or sign-up.

If you are looking for a home to either purchase, lease or rent to own, simply fill out the form on our Homes Wanted Listing Request page. We will review and edit your request within a day, create a home wanted listing for you and submit it to various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. People who have a home available will be able to find you on our website without registering and directly contact you.

If you are trying to either sell, lease or rent to own your home, simply fill out the form on our Listing Your Home page. We will review and edit your request within a day, create a home available listing for you and submit a notification to various social networking site including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. People who are looking for a home will be able to find you on our website without registering and directly contact you.

In addition to providing free listings for homes wanted and homes available, JSC provides some important information regarding the rent to own process:

  • Rent to Own Homes Explained: If you desire to own your own home but are unable to secure conventional financing today, leasing a home with an option to buy may be your best option. A lease purchase can make your rent money work for you instead of making your landlord rich. Typically rent to own homes offer rent credits that reduce the final purchase price! Here's how it works:
  • Is Rent to Own For You? You're tired of throwing your money away on rent. You're tired of having to move every year or two. You want to participate in the American dream - HOME OWNERSHIP - but, you can't get a mortgage. Then you hear about a creative approach toward home ownership called rent to own, aka lease to own and lease/option. It sounds too good to be true, so you jump online looking for rent to own home websites and scour your local newspapers searching for that right home. You find it, sign the contracts, pay your fees, move in and disaster hits within a few months. Soon you are out of a home, out of a lot of money and bitter about the rent to own concept. WHAT HAPPENED? The odds are you didn't do your homework, assumed everything is ok and did not seek professional help. However, you blame everything on the rent to own approach. Click here.
  • Ten Tips for Acquiring A Rent to Own Home: Rent to own is a relatively small, but growing, segment of the real estate market. In a tight credit market or a downturn in value situation, the rent to own approach tends to increase in popularity. A significant concern, however, is the fact that the concept is widely misunderstood. Many people have entered into a rent to own transaction without sufficient understanding or knowledge, and they have had a negative experience. Don't let this happen to you. Get the knowledge and understanding you need before you try to do a rent to own deal. The following ten tips are intended to give a potential lessee/buyer something to think about, and they only scratch the surface. Click here.
  • Sell Your Home With The Rent to Own Approach: Have you taken advantage of the recent low interest rates and refinanced your home to the maximum? What about a home equity loan or other form of second mortgage? Do you know how much you can walk away with from the closing table after paying all mortgage and associated costs? Many people walk away with very little or nothing. Some even have to pay. If this scenario applies to you, it may make sense to delay the sale of your home. But, what if you have to move? Whether you are a landlord or a seller, it may be possible to generate positive cash flow and lock in a higher selling price with a lease/purchase (rent to own) agreement. Click here.